PTO Update

Have you been wondering what is going on with the PTO this year? Due to COVID-19 the Waukee Community School District has postponed classroom parties, concerts and large building events until further notice for all elementary schools. Volunteers are also not being utilized at this time. This means many of the typical Woodland Hills PTO activities are on hold - including PTO meetings, Run for the Hills, restaurant fundraisers, classroom parties and volunteer opportunities. A limited number of PTO activities will still be taking place with a few adjustments. The PTO Grade Level Directory will still be organized, conference meals will be catered for our teaching staff and the yearbook will still be created. If you have any questions please send us a message.

How do I join the Woodland Hills PTO?

If you have a child that attends Woodland Hills Elementary then you are already a member. There are no dues associated with this organization. We encourage you to join us for a meeting! Please feel free to bring a friend!

How can I get involved?

What does the Woodland Hills PTO do? (many of these events are on hold due to COVID-19)

  • Organizes the grade level directory

  • Promotes school events and activities

  • Coordinates 3 Class Parties per year

  • Hosts Fall Book Fair

  • Provides Conference Meals

  • Hosts Annual Science + Art Fair

  • Coordinates Annual Food Drive

  • Plans Spring Family Appreciation event

  • Organizes Run for the Hills Fundraiser

  • Sponsors Meals from the Heartland

  • Organizes Teacher Appreciation events

  • Coordinates social events and restaurant fundraisers

  • Plans snack drive for students

  • Collects Box Tops for Education to earn money for our school

  • Coordinates School Supply and Apparel Sales

  • Creates the school yearbook

  • And MORE!

What if I have more questions?

Please reach out if you have questions, ideas, want to get involved or to join our mailing list by emailing pto.woodlandhills@gmail.com. We love hearing from new people and we want to make the PTO something useful to everyone at Woodland Hills!