How do I join the Woodland Hills PTO?

If you have a child that attends Woodland Hills Elementary then you are already a member. There are no dues associated with this organization. We encourage you to join us for a meeting! Please feel free to bring a friend!

How can I get involved?

What does the Woodland Hills PTO do? (many of these events are on hold due to COVID-19)

  • Organizes the grade level directory

  • Promotes school events and activities

  • Hosts Fall Book Fair

  • Provides Conference Meals for teachers

  • Hosts Annual Science + Art Fair

  • Coordinates Annual Food Drive

  • Plans Spring Family Appreciation event

  • Organizes Run for the Hills Fundraiser

  • Sponsors Meals from the Heartland

  • Organizes Teacher Appreciation events

  • Coordinates social events and restaurant fundraisers

  • Plans snack drive for students

  • Collects Box Tops for Education to earn money for our school

  • Coordinates School Supply and Apparel Sales

  • Creates the school yearbook

  • And MORE!

What if I have more questions?

Please reach out if you have questions, ideas, want to get involved or to join our mailing list by emailing pto.woodlandhills@gmail.com. We love hearing from new people and we want to make the PTO something useful to everyone at Woodland Hills!